Spiritual Dowsing

What is dowsing?
There are many definitions for dowsing. For Annie Hughes, it is truly a spiritual practice.
Generally speaking, dowsing can be said to be a form of biofeedback! Here is a description by Dave Cowan author of Introduction to Dowsing, a book I highly recommend for beginner dowsers and experienced dowsers interested in a lovely approach to teaching.
“It is a method of working with energy and information utilizing specific instruments. Dowsing allows us to read and affect subtle energies which can have physical affects. It is a form of intentional prayer. As such, dowsing works on the level of Form and does not replace or interfere with higher forms of prayer, such as Communion with the Divine.
Active Dowsing involves consciously choosing to affect Energy and/or Matter. It is a way of creating positive change and beneficial outcomes. The Planetary Consciousness Grid and Spiritual Guides along with Pure Intent make this possible. An Alpha Brain Wave State and intention to ‘do no harm and and for the highest good of all’ is needed ….or it simply doesn’t work!” www.bluesunenergetics.net

Annie Hughes has been dowsing most of her life with a focus on healing energies for over a decade. She is a member of the American Society of Dowsers. Dowsing is part of her daily life, as she chooses food, supplements, and works with the energies in human and animal bodies and the spaces where they live. Knowing that the “unseen” has a greater affect on our health and sense of well being than most people are aware of, Annie is dedicated to working with these energies and to helping people learn to dowse for themselves. Give her a call and learn to tap into these wonderful energies to help you throughout your life! Annie will work with you for private sessions and is also available to teach classes or individuals.

Although dowsing is part of all of the modalities used at OneSong Wellness, a complete session using only dowsing for you, your child, or pet, may be experienced to clear non-beneficial energies and improve the vibration of many areas of life, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This work may also involve the dwelling or workplace of an individual. These sessions may take place in person, on site, or from a distance.
Annie is also available for “space clearing” in places demonstrating unusual difficulties or are not able to be sold. She has also successfully dowsed for well sites, correctly stating the location, depth, flow, and condition of the water.

Please call or email for more information, to schedule an appointment, or to have Annie teach you to dowse! (352)672-3678 onesongwellness@gmail.com